Creative Challenge: April Update

Well, it’s a challenge. The ‘creative’ part is sometimes debatable.

Creative Challenge: April Update

Progress Report : the Creative Challenge

During the month of March, I hit three out of four of my challenge goals, and haven’t yet made up the the last. It may have to wait. While my wrists are better, they’re not stellar. All I did was type a thousand-word scene, and it felt like I’d been lifting weights the last two hours.

Brilliant, right? Yeah, this is what we’ve always wanted.

However! Last month I talked about reassessing my goals, and I came to a compromise with myself. Basically, I would like to

  • write four scenes, chapters, or short stories a week, which can be broken up into:
    • novel scenes
    • short story revision scenes
    • new flash fiction
  • ideally, make at least one week a novel scene, and at least one week a revision item;
  • and for the other two weeks, roll the dice.

I don’t know how serious I’ll be about the smaller goal. Since writing can be an actual pain at the moment, I might even let myself waste time on fan fiction to meet my requirements. Sometimes. Maybe. I’m involved in a new D&D game with some friends from my Neverwinter guild, and the character I’m playing isn’t new, and she has a story. It might even be interesting enough to write. Hell, at least it’ll have a guaranteed audience of… er, four, if I don’t screw it up.

I know writing about your D&D character is the worst cliche ever, but I didn’t say I’d try to publish the damn thing. Please, no–unless WoTC gets knocked in the collective head and decides they’d like to pay me for it, in which case, yes please!


… and the Other, Uninvited Challenges

In addition to the wrist issues, a few other things have come up, namely dozens of doctor/health appointments for myself, and kitty health issues. Taking the last four years into account, I’m really fucking paranoid and worried, and trying not to be.

It’s really hard to write in that mind set. I’m trying, but sometimes I just miss a week.

This week is one of those weeks. I’m not feeling it. I’d rather spend time with my cats and keep them healthy than have a perfect run of the challenge.

That said, I will be making up the missed weeks. Eventually.

Socially Acceptable Closing Paragraph

Soooooo, how are you all doing? How’s your writing/creative project going? Work? Relationships?

Actually, nix the last one. This is a public blog, after all.

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