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If you haven’t taken a look at Creative Challenge: 52 Stories in 2019 yet, please do! I’ll be posting check-ins on the first Monday of every month.

There will be a few changes here, for your convenience and to accommodate real-life developments:

  • You should now be able to comment. I overlooked comment settings when I put this blog together, which meant commenting required a non-existent registration. Oops? That’s gone now.
  • Creative Challenge check-ins will be my only scheduled posts, unless inspiration strikes and I get a Really Good Idea.

I believe I’ve mentioned my issues with setting achievable goals. It’s possible to complete X, Y, and Z all at once, I reason, and so it must be reasonable to expect myself to get all of that done!

Well, my perception of what’s possible, and what is actually possible, have little overlap in most cases.

Like I mentioned before, Nanowrimo kicked my ass, even though I finished the sprint. Fifty thousand words in a month is quite difficult and requires planning if literally anything else is going on in your life. My goals for the year, as it turns out, laid a nearly equal expectation on my shoulders every month, and I only realized this thanks to the intervention of a friend.

So: I’m scaling back on those goals. Like many people I know who took up the #52in2019, I’m adjusting the challenge to fit my needs and removing unnecessary stressors like “post here every Monday,” which benefits me less than getting the writing done, right now. Also, I have an audience of three, so I mean. You know where to find me.

I’ll craft a social media and promotion strategy at my leisure so you wonderful people will not be alone in rolling your eyes at my pretentiousness, but for now that is not my primary goal. Check-ins will appear here, and on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter (if I can make myself engage with Twitter…), and other than that it’s all cat pictures until June.

Thanks for listening, and I’ll see you at next month’s check-in!

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